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Music Store

Jul 2014

- Watch the “Big Island” clip for NDP 2014

Dec 2013

- Work begins for NDP.

Aug 2013

- Interview by

Jul 2013

- Lecture on EQ, Filters, Controllers, Ballads and Viral Music @ OB Music at SCAPE.
- Lecture on Music Collaboration @ OB Music at SCAPE.
- Come check out the amazing Pioneer RMX-1000 effector + NI Maschine at MBS Hall-B Booth M30 on 180713 from 2 to 3pm.
- Rhythm programming class @ OB Music at SCAPE.
- Lecture on Music Styles and Genres @ OB Music at SCAPE.

Jun 2013

- Music production workshop with Dean Chew at the
E-TracX Skool on Sunday 16th from 1600 - 1700 hrs.
- Tanzania, East Africa from 3rd to 13th June.

May 2013
- Watch the video for
- Released
Grateful EP.
- The
2403 Recordings online music store is now officially open! Free previews of every track.
- Shawnn Lai designed another brilliant
logo for 2403 Recordings.
- Buy the ambient album “
Stories of Night”. Read the interview here. Free music sample available for download.
- Listen to
Tisa Two, a random experimental electronic track.
- Composed an experimental discordant piano piece. Listen
- Maschine live studio jam session with Koflow.

Apr 2013
- Maschine live sessions uploaded on

Mar 2013
- Maschine Live Practice session at Home Club on 300313 from 1900 hrs.
- Remixing “Deep BIsket” for DJ Koutarou A & Sugiurumn

Feb 2013

- Mastering various works for Darci Bromac.
- Mini studio session with Koflow.

Jan 2013

- Switched to the absolutely brilliant Presonus Studio One for all music works. Goodbye Cubase.

Nov 2012

- Remixed “Static Mutation” for Takuya Kashiwada.

Jun 2012

- “Stories of Night” goes on sale at Bandcamp.
- Mastering “Make It Real” for Has.
- Check out the remixes of Electrico’s “
Liberation” on Soundcloud.
- A collaboration with local producer Vincent Yap titled “
Remove That Fish In Your Eye” featured on Soundcloud.

May 2012

- A new
soundcloud/studio2403 portal has been created to archive original IDM, Ambient and Drum & Bass genres of music.
- A collection of ambient tracks titled
“Stories of Night” released on Soundcloud.

Apr 2012

- A series of monthly Tru:Spirit electronic music nights begins at Home Club.

Mar 2012
- Remixed “Liberation” for Electrico.

Aug 2011

- Join me as I set the tone for
GroundForce 2011 on the 6th SAT and 7th SUN at the Scape Warehouse Level 2. Witness one of the most exciting international BMX Flatland Competitions in the world held right here in Singapore.

Jun 2011
- Mastering “Senza” EP for Has.

May 2011
- The album
Alchemy has been re-mastered and released on Bandcamp.
- Visit
Studio 2403 for hour-long DJ mix sets.

Apr 2011
- Almost all my music have been archived at
Soundcloud. Do visit for a most comprehensive collection of works.

Jan 2011
- Completed music for an underwater video shot by Les Argonauts for Canon. Listen to the music 
- The label 2403 Recordings have been established.

Oct 2010 - Jan 2011
- Intensive music archive backup and restoration of old tracks. Music works will soon be archived at Soundcloud.

May 2010
- For the love of good music, check out some of the best DJ mixes in the country here on 
Take Six uploaded on SoundCloud and is free for download.
Saffrone Haze uploaded on SoundCloud.

Apr 2010
- Going on a mad writing rampage making tracks within hours. Here is another... 
Pearls uploaded on SoundCloud.
Covenant uploaded on SoundCloud.
A Sweet Affair uploaded on SoundCloud.
- Forget all that live or not live or digital or vinyl and all that bullshit, I am just going to play some good music at
Syndicate on May Day.

Mar 2010
- My music production studio in town will shut in June. Going to rebuild a better one in the west.
- The Alesis DM6 proved to be a worthwhile investment for drum programming although the pads could be better.

Nov 2009
- Showcasing an exciting new discovery Geri Chong's debut Looptastic "live" arrangement performance "
Funk With Me" on SoundCloud, featuring various tracks by Case Woo.
- I will be chatting with Xho on Lush 99.5FM from 6 to 6.45pm on Sat 21 Nov.
- New track "You Will Never Know Me" on
- New tracks "Minha Vida" and "Vacanza" on
myspace/unit2403 and SoundCloud.

Oct 2009
- New remix Tacky Funk (Fiasco Dub Mix) at
myspace/unit2403 and SoundCloud. Besides my preferred music tool Cubase 5, I am now also using Intua Beatmaker and SoundTrends Looptastic Producer on the iPhone as my music and remix sketchpad. They

Jul 2009
- New track "Grateful" and the music video available on
youtube/fourfeet and hi-res version version at myspace/unit2403. Enjoy.

Jun 2009
- Once again, together with Aldrin, Angela Flame and Cherry Chan, we will be deciding the fates of the four
Juice DJ Quest finalists at Zouk on Fri 19th June at 10pm. Join us.

May 2009
- Tanzania Mission from 7-18th May.

Dec 2008
- Merry Christmas to you!

Nov 2008
- Uploaded "
2403" and "You Don't Like But I Like".
- I have done a quick remix tribute to Daze, a local electronic rock pop group in the early 90's. "
Sexy Little Boy" ruled the air waves then. Merry X'mas to Don Bosco Anthony and Adrian Ho.
- I have just completed "
Got It Get It" and a collab with detroit techno selection master Hippy3 on the track "Horn Strings (Dub Mix). I am now working on the "Horn Strings (Vocal Mix)" featuring Hippy3 on vocals. These two tracks are now on Get Your Groove On.
- I'll be playing for
E-tracx at Sentosa, Siloso Beach, Sundowner, Cool Deck together with Pop My Cherry and William & Kane Ian (Dustpan Recordings) on the 29th November from 6 to 11pm.
- Next photoshoot for Sandy Lam scheduled for January 2009 in Kunming.
- Photoshoot for Sandy Lam in Taipei has been cancelled due to work permit problems.

Oct 2008
- Sandy Lam has invited Geri and I to be her official concert photographer at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 17th and 18th.
- Photoshoot for
Clear Channel.

Sep 2008
- Photoshoot for
Clear Channel.

Jun 2008
- Friday the 27th of June, I will be judging the JUICE DJ Quest at Ministry of Sound, together with Godwin and Angela Flame.

Apr 2008
- Media section updated.
- New tracks for Sandy Lam in the works for her gig in China.
- The website "" no longer exist due to the Singaporean web host
Switchfusion's incompetency in maintaining and hosting local websites. They are in dispute. It is unfortunate that some information and audio data are lost but recovery is in the works for a brand new website.
- The new domain "" is now registered with
Hostgator on Friday, 4th April 2008. Website re-construction commences.

Mar 2008
- Angela Flame and Case Woo (AFCW) "Love Life Dynamite" and various remixes now available on
Beatport and iTunes.

Feb 2008
- The Sandy Lam Live 07 double-CD album is out. More info on her concert in Hong Kong can be found

Dec 2007
Ocean Butterflies has commissioned me to do an 8-song dance medley.

Nov 2007
I have completed a Sandy Lam live Hong Kong concert music project. Listen to the 3 preview tracks on MySpace .

Oct 2007
I will be in Tanzania, East Africa again from 9 Oct to 19 Oct for mission work.

Aug 2007
- I will be giving an informal seminar on music projects and workflow at the Revo Workshop @ Resolution (Sunshine Plaza #01-70) on 4th Aug 2007 at 2.30pm.
- The brilliant
KRK RP8 powered studio monitors are now in service. Out goes the old Spirit Absolute 2 passives.
- Catch
POSB's new commercials on TV.
- Three new song arrangements for a live concert in asia are now in the works. It's a hush-hush thing so updates will be posted in November.

May 2007
"Under The Hot Lights" by Angela Flame & Case Woo (AFCW) is now up on MySpace !
"It's Not A Lot" by Angela Flame & Case Woo (AFCW) is now released on Asian Dynasty (Japan). Also available from Beatport and iTunes .
- AFCW's next track in the works this month.

Mar 2007
- I will be giving a Cubase and music production tutorial at Republic Polytechnic on 31st March.

Nov 2006
- I will be in Tanzania, East Africa from 1 Dec to 10 Dec to sample the wildlife environment, soundscapes and the drums!
- Judging
Juice DJ Quest Regional Finals at Zouk KL on Sat 18th Nov.
- Judging Digital DJ Project competition at Plaza Singapura Atrium on Sat 25th Nov.

Oct 2006
- Read a review of last friday's BEAT! night @ Home Club on
loopinmotion blog.
- Upgraded sequencer to
Cubase 4. It rocks!

Sep 2006
Thirst Studio FINALS - Sat 23 Sep @ Phuture from 9pm.
- Check out the White Dog Bobby music video
- I will be doing a
Speech Remix, an experimental workshop at Red Dot MADD Sunday on 10 Sep from 11am to 6pm. For 20 bucks a pop, you get to take home in a cd, an original piece of music, noise, sound, or whatever I feel like creating for you, with your voice on it, on the spot. Crazy! When was the last time you did something out of the ordinary?
- Thirst Open Mix Session 1 - Fri 1 Sep @ Acid Bar, 8 to 10.30pm.
- Thirst Open Mix Session 2 - Sat 2 Sep @ Acid Bar, 8 to 10.30pm.
- Thirst Open Mix Session 3 - Fri 8 Sep @ Asylum from 8pm.
- Thirst Open Mix Session 4 - Sat 9 Sep @ Asylum from 8pm.
- Found this recently -
APS Song.

Aug 2006
- This month is packed with exciting events!. I will SHOWCASE a decade of my original works at
BBBC 2nd floor on Friday 4th from 11pm til 2am.
- It's also time for RE-EDUCATION once again at BBBC main room on Sat 19th; Come for a night of pure funky techno, the original stuff that rocks.
- Thirst Studio Heineken Music MASTERCLASS Day 1 will be conducting a session at Focal Pro Studios at 82 Joo Chiat Rd on Tue 22nd Aug from 7.30pm.

Jul 2006
- Studio 2403 is open for business.
- I will be judging at the Juice DJ Quest finals (again!) at Zouk on Fri 28th.

May 2006
- This month, I will conduct an exclusive music production tutoring session for The Redbull Music Academy at Butter Factory on the 6th at 6pm. There are many questions and it's time to answer them.

Apr 2006
- It's been awhile since the
Groovebuddies came out to play. If you've never understood what quality house and techno meant, here's your chance. Music For The Masses Lesson 12 is happening at The Red Club @ Central Mall Office Tower. Come sink yourself into the deep grooves from 9pm til 4am on Saturday, 22nd April. Check out the EVENTS page for dj line-up.

Aug 2005
- If you're a Starhub Mobile subscriber, you can get my
Call Tones. All tracks taken from the "A Deeper Shade" album and provided by BMG.
- Don't miss DJ Sean Lai (Groovebuddies) in
Localized @ Zouk on Sat, 20th Aug 2005 !
- Found: illegal/unauthorised sale of my tracks on a Russian website...
- I am still the best voted artist at after all these years (?) with the number 1 track "Bells" (?)

July 2005
- Check out
The Groovebuddies Mixlab.
- My interviewed on Livewire (Art Central).
- Judging Juice DJ Quest 2005 Semis on Tues, 19th July and Finals on Fri, 29th July @ Zouk.

May 2005
- My photography featured at the event

Apr 2005
- Judging
Heineken Thirst 2005 DJ Compeition Semi-Finals at Liquid Room on Friday 22nd Apr 2005 and Finals on Sunday 1st May 2005 at Zouk.
- My version of "Dao" is featured in JunJie's 3rd and latest album.
- A major hard disk crash has halted my studio activities. Will all be lost?

Mar 2005
- I am suppose to work on upcoming electro project. Stay tuned for more updates.

Jan 2005
- Tune in to
Lush 99.5 FM daily to catch Kit Chan and my downtempo and house tracks. Many thanks to X'Ho and crew.

Nov 2004
- I am to play a 3 hour house/techno set from 10pm to 1am at the annual FHM "Girl Next Door" party on Sat 20th Nov at Pavillion @ Far East Square. Nevermind the half naked babes and endless flow of alcohol, just come for the music.

Sep 2004
- Switchfusion is responsible for the disruption of this website from 13 Sep to 18 Sep. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Aug 2004
- Happy National Day. Kit has publicly announced her departure from the Chinese pop music industry and have since left for the United States, land of supersized McDonald meals. Her latest album "East Towards Saturn" is now out in the stores. Get yourself a copy and listen to some pure electronic melancholic pop.

Jul 2004
- This month sees the departure of Kit and Case from Ocean Butterflies Music. Piracy and the soulless asian music business suck big time.

Jun 2004
- East Toward Saturn is completed, despite major shortcomings and obstacles. The CD cover design phase is almost done. Many thanks go to Johnny and Johnny.

May 2004
Kit Chan demo version previews in Kit's Audio page.
- Kit Chan's "
East Toward Saturn" album due end of July.

Apr 2004
MusicJam interview.

Mar 2004
- Another year, another Ngee Ann Poly poetry project contribution. 2 tracks - "
Last Farewell" and "Testimonial" with Vanessa (Urban Xchange) on vocals.
- I am featured on
- The Groovebuddies presents "Music for a Large Ensemble", an art and music exhibition by MAPP. Site 1 - 18/3/04 MAPP @ 77 Linden Dr 6-9pm / Site 2 - 20/3/04 Bar37 @ 37 Keong Saik St 10pm-2am
- Watch out for my 30 sec commercial "Suspect" on TV and Cinema for the Police.
- New "Janeiro Mambo" LP (techhouse/techno) in the audio section.

Feb 2004
- I am gonna play a tech set for
Sublime 4 on Sat 28th Feb at MadMonks.
- A tribute to William Hung in the audio page.
- My music portfolio is now in the audio section.

Jan 2004
- A sample of JJ's track in the Audio section.
- My WAP Portal is online. Point your phone to
- Work on Kit Chan's next album commences.

Dec 2003
- Work on JJ's next album commences.
- JUICE mag (Dec 03) - Best Local Club Night goes to the GROOVEBUDDIES !

Nov 2003
- The contents of the Audio section has been rectified. Music preview is online again!
- Recipient of the free gear giveaway is Foresight. Congratulations.
- Kit's album "Understand" can be purchased online
- Kit's "Understand" Music Video featured

Oct 2003
- "Understand" reviewed in 8Days. Read
- A recipient of the free gear will soon be notified by email. Thank you for writing in.

Sep 2003
- My gig at Altivo Bar has been changed to Embargo at Centro.
- Kit Chan's new album "Understand" is now exclusively available at the CD outlet in Esplanade til end of Sept.
- It is with much regret that I am not able to play with Skrooloose on the 7th due to involvement with the
The Hit Awards from Friday to Sunday.

Aug 2003
- The local electronic CD compilation "Techno: Logical 003" features "
Attica". Contact GrooveGenetics for details.
- I might be playing at Altivo party. (TBC)
- Groovebuddies' Malaysia excursion 19th & 20th Sept. (TBC)
- Taiwan has decided that Kit's 1st single to be
Understand, hence the album title.
- Website going through minor changes to improve navigation and readability.
- Check out new Audio2 page
HERE. BUT geocities seem to have a transfer limit so loading the Audio2 page might be a bit of a problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm trying to sort it out.

Jul 2003
- I am giving away some pretty cool music gear for
- The Forbidden City theme song "
Why Dream Of Love" will be included in Kit's upcoming album. CDs will be sold at the theatre.
- "
Mouthless Fish" by Zircon Gov. Pawn Starz all wrapped up and ready to rock! Written by X-Ho. Produced and Mix by Case. Zircon will be opening for BLONDE in a couple of weeks, so be sure to catch their Electrifying performance!
- Updated and added new preview tracks
- Now 4 months later and Kit's album is finally DONE!
- The Groovebuddies Excursion was nothing short of AMAZING! Thanks to Milieu, my buddies and all the party animals. View photos
- The infamous Groovebuddies goes on an excursion! Be at Milieu on 19th July at 10pm. Do not miss this house party!
- Judging JUICE DJ Quest Finals at Phuture on Friday 11 Jul 03.
- Judging JUICE DJ Quest Semi-Finals at Phuture on Monday 7 Jul 03.

Jun 2003
- A track for Zircon Gov. Pawn Starz in the works. Previously known as Zircon Lounge in the 80's. Fronted by X'Ho.
- An article about me and Traktor in Computer Times dated Wed 11 Jun 03.
- Kit's album demo preview
- Added Kit's bio (Thanks to Nellie).

May 2003
- Kit's album launch has been delayed til around Sept due to the SARS situation. What a bummer!

Mar 2003
- Work commences on Kit Chan's 2003 album.

Feb 2003
- Valentines Day "We Love House" - 1am gig at the
Zouk club.
- A brief writeup and some photos of the gig at

Nov 2002
- I am gonna hang out with Groovebuddy Sean Lai in Frankfurt and also visit Steinberg in Hamburg.
- I will be doing a Traktor demo at the Steinberg booth at Broadcast India 2002 in Mumbai.
- Read Frontallabs' Dreamscape

Oct 2002
- Watch the MTV for "
Dreams" on myspace.

Sep 2002
- Kit Chan's album "
Dreamscape" is released.
- Guardians available at

Aug 2002
- "Guardians/Dragons/Cookies - Casewoo" released on Lifetime Music (LTM-007) in Berlin. Distributed by InterGROOVE.
- Kit's album completed, now working on the "Dreamscape" album launch.
- I have left Opuz. Much thanks to Paul T and Paul G for the most amazing opportunity to break into the music industry.

Jun 2002
- 28/6: Gig at Libido (Berlin) cancelled due to Kit's project.
- Read my Frontal
- Working on Kit Chan's first Eng/Mand indie album.

Mar 2002
- Guardians signed to Lifetime Music (Berlin)

Feb 2002
- My remix of
Joyless's "Seven" and "Why" now up!
- Universal Music releases "Eastern Sunrise 1+2" CD featuring Case's "Shroom Soup".
- Casewoo signed to BMG Music Publishing Singapore Pte Ltd.

Jan 2002
- Read Frontal's
SentosaNYE review.
- Pages from the previous Plunge+Case website now added in the Bio section.

Jul 2001
- Neumatic Music / PlanetMG releases Case's deephouse / techhouse CD album "A Deeper Shade".
- Arranging tracks for Urban Xchange "How Did We Get Here" album.

Apr 2001
Transport Recordings (San Francisco) releases 12" "Coast to Coast ep" (TSP008) featuring Patrick Turner's "Rook / Process" on a-side and Case's "Polyester Cookies / Subliminal" on b-side. Available at Groovetech.

- Composed and produced all tracks for Kit Chan "I Write A Page" CD EP. All brilliant words by Kit Chan.
- Music arrangement for
Action Theatre's "The Swimming Instructor".

- Music arrangement for Zoe Tay's "Goodbye" EP.
- Music arrangement for RJ's "A Perfect World" single.
- Produced"
Bored (Formentera Mix)" by Tanya Chua, featured on her "All Right" CD single.
- Released first downtempo album "Alchemy" on
- Produced three tracks for X'Ho "X with an X: Me All Good No Bad" album (Tracks 2, 13 and 27).

- Quadmix releases the first number one local breakbeat hit track "Trick Rider". Music video by
Royston Tan and Daniel Lim.
- The singles "
Tweakin Freak" and "Mind Trip" follows the success of "Trick Rider".
- Arranged all tracks for
Joan Martin's "Binary Star" album.
- Arranged Singapura, Space Disco, Rose Rose I Love You, Big Island, Little India for
Dick Lee's "SingaPop" album.

- Warner/Chappell and BMB Music releases the first local breakbeat album "Rocking The 3rd Floor" by
- Remix for Jeff Chang's "We Can Change The World" (Taiwan).
- Scored the original music soundtrack for the film "
Army Daze - The Movie" including the theme song released on CD single.

- Produced two tracks, including the melancholic "
Lonesome Dreamer" for Kit Chan's album "Force Too Hard".
- Completed music arrangement for the album "Olala" by the French duo Rendezvous.
- Composed theme track for the 1995 Perfect 10 Music Awards event.
- Remixed Dick Lee’s “Redo Renew” CD single.
- Arranged Nor Lena "Protection" CD single.

- Pony Canyon releases Hip 2 The Hype "
Get Hyped On Dis" album.
- Remixed track 12 of the "
punkmonkhunk" album by X'Ho (Pony Canyon).

- Produced Singapore's first hip hop tracks "Who's Afraid Of..." and "Naughty Bass" for local duo "Construction Sight" (Ashidiq and
Sheikh Haikel), who won the Grand Championship on the regional talent show "Asia Bagus". More info can be found here.

- Censor's tracks featured on
Technics "Electroplasm" album. Produced by Case. The EP also features a rare remix of Daze's "Sexy Little Boy".

- Daze releases the local radio hit "
Sexy Little Boy / C'mon Allison" album on Tim Records. All keyboards and drum programming by Case.